Rising Star ring, bague étoile en volume

I have soldered the star on a silver band. The band itself is patterned with 8 little stars. To do so I have created a stamp out of steel rod. Since living in Hong Kong, I am more aware of the symbolic meaning attributed to numbers. Eight means prosperity.

L’étoile est soudée sur un anneau décoré de 8 petites étoiles poinçonnées. Le poinçon est fait maison. Depuis que je vis à Hong Kong, je suis plus sensible à la signification magique des symboles et des chiffres. Le huit est symbole de prospérité.


  1. I love your blog and how to explain the process of your pieces. congratulations

  2. Thank you for your comment.
    Are you catalan?

  3. yes, i'm catalan. you understand catalan?

  4. Yes, I can guess.
    I was born in Nice, France and the local language (Nissart - Occitan) is very similar.

  5. I did not know Occitan is still spoken in Nice. Is the same root. It makes me hope that I can understand in Catalan