English wheel anvils, galets pour roue anglaise

That's my method to create the lower anvils. The dimensions are 3"x2". The angular contact ball bearings (40x17x12mm) are press-fit. Voici comment je m'y prends pour faire ces galets inférieurs de roue anglaise. Les dimensions sont 75x50mm. Les roulements à billes à contact oblique (40x17x12mm) sont montés à la presse.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I like your blog site. You are doing some very nice work. I have often wondered why the jewelry making craftsmen have not experimented with the English wheel. It seems like a natural extension of metal forming that would have appeal for larger pieces.

    I notice it does not look like you have flats on your lower anvils. You will need a center flat so the metal will stretch smoothly. The flat is the key to how an English wheel works. I describe it like a tire rolling through mud. The mud is displaces sideways away from the contact patch. For a three inch diameter anvil I would suggest a half inch wide flat and a three quarter to start with. I assume you will be working soft metals like copper and such.


    Tom Lipton